Strategic Training and Transitional ("STAT") Employment Services

Services we provide for training providers include:


We can find potential students for your school through direct marketing efforts, and/or through our established relationships with Employment Ontario Service Providers (Employment Centres.)

Government Funding

We can help your potential students to secure government funding, e.g. through the Second Career program, to help offset the cost of their training program. 

Job Searching and Placement 

STAT can assist your graduates with their job searching efforts, and we can direct them to employers who are our recruiting clients; and we can provide post graduation, on-the-job training for new hires to insure they successfully transition into full-time gainful employment. 

Organizational Development and Consulting

  • Training and coaching intake and sales staff
  • Writing and implementing policies, procedures and processes
  • Designing and implementing new information management systems
  • Designing training programs to best leverage government training funding programs

Student Case Management

  • Assessing students for entrance requirements and government funding eligibility
  • Putting concurrent learning programs in place if necessary, e.g. an ESL program, etc.
  • Developing financial feasibility plans to ensure they can afford to complete the training
  • Providing post-hiring, on-the-job training and support to ensure a successful transition 
  • Assisting with post-graduation job searching efforts and introducing them to employers
  • Advising them on issues related to government income supports, like EI, OW, ODSP, etc.

Marketing, Recruiting and Sales

  • Selling students on the school and your programs
  • Utilizing job fairs and other similar recruitment activities
  • Marketing directly to potential students using a variety of social media
  • Leverage our relationships with service providers to find potential students

  • Program and Curriculum Design

  • Training and coaching trainers and teachers
  • Designing new vocational training programs and components
  • Developing individual program components, e.g. job searching skills, etc.
  • Re-designing programs to make them more congruent with labour market demands

Financial Analysis, Metrics and Statistics

  • Tracking graduation and placement rates
  • Analysing financial results and producing reports
  • Developing metrics to assist with growing the top and bottom lines
  • Utilizing financial information and business metrics to write proposals