Strategic Training and Transitional ("STAT") Employment Services

Who we are ...

STAT Employment Services ("STAT") is a labour market intermediary focused on generating "sustainable employment" STATs. We assist unemployed and underemployed individuals with their job searching efforts to find good jobs with "living wages." We also assist employers with their recruiting efforts to find, train and retain the best people ... STAT! 

We believe in a collaborative approach where everyone wins, and we employ creative solutions to solve labour market imbalances. The secrete to our success lies in our established relationships with vocational training providers because labour market driven vocational training is the key to generating good jobs and filling open positions with skilled workers. 

We specialize in technical trades, like the three listed below.

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Welding / Fitter

TIG, MIG, etc.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Backhoe, Loader, Excavator, etc.

Truck Driving

AZ Training & Licensing